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Like the Griswold's in the 1983 movie VACATION, this was a trip in rough planning for years. 10 days 4000 miles, we saw many things while traversing Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana and Washington. We saw the infamous Burma Shave signs on our way to Wall Drugs, saw signs for towns with populations less than 10 people, bears, antelope, prairie dogs, and our favorite TATANKA, the American bison as they are called by the Lakota Sioux. Bison are incredibly important in Lakota culture; the Lakota are traditionally nomadic and would have spent their lives following bison before Euro-Americans settled the West. The American bison or simply bison, is an American species of bison that once roamed North America in vast herds. Bison are often mistakenly called buffalo, but the two are separate and distinct animals.