This representation of the Coat of Arms of Clan Donnachaidh belongs to the Chief and may only be used or worn by him, this is also true of wearing a feather in the bonnet. The other clan members may wear the Crest Badge or the Clan Plant Badge on their bonnet.
The man in chains at the bottom of the crest represents the capture of the murderers of King James I by Robert, forth Chief of Clan Donnachaidh and for whom Clan Robertson is named. The hand holding the crown shows that the Clan supports the Monarchy. The wolfs heads are the family banner. The helmet represents the Barony. The Fine-Leafed Heath and the Bracken Fern are the Clan Plant Badges. The motto "Virtutis Gloria Merces" is Latin for "Glory the reward of valor". "Garg'n Uair Dhuisgear" is Gaelic for "Fierce when Roused" and is the Clan battle cry. The Serpent and Dove are called supporters and identify the Clan as being descended from Saint Columba and represent a pun on his name, ESTO PRUDENS UT SERPENS ET SIMPLEX SICUT COLUMBA, "Be wise as the Serpent and gentle as the Dove.".


Here is a better breakdown of the Coat of Arms:

Text Description Graphic Description
The Motto Struan has two mottos in Latin, one in a scroll above the crest "Virtutis Gloria Merces" (Glory is the reward of valour), and the other below the compartment "Garg'n Uair Dhuisgear" (Fierce when roused).
The Helmet and Mantling
The wreath is of twisted cloth in the livery colours of its owner, red and silver in the case of Struan. The Crest is a right hand holding a regal crown.
The Supporters Struan has on peace (left) side, a green serpent with a red ribbon around its neck, and, on the war (right) side, a silver dove with a blue beak and a blue hat trimmed with ermine on its head.
The Shield Three wolves' heads, cut off at the neck, in silver, armed with blue tongues. This is a device bearing evidence to the fact our Clan killed the last wolves in the Isles.
Additional Device The man in chains is a device bearing evidence to the fact that the fourth Chief captured one of the murderers of James I. He was returned to the Queen "ALIVE" for torture and execution!



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